Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider

The Brief

To create a trade stand at Imbibe Live to showcase their new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider. Maximum impact was the order of the day, create awareness and visibility of this new brand shortly after its launch in the UK.
The stand needed to display the maximum amount of products. For this a large bar area and a dwell zone was created. As the stand was positioned outside of the venue it also needed to offer protection from the elements.

The Approach

After the initial briefing session, the CoolShock design team came up with the idea of having a wall of fridges full to the brim with the JDTC cider bottles, on the main approach to the venue. The brand message was displayed 4 metres high for maximum visibility and CoolShock used our own props and material, including barrels to keep the costs down.

The Outcome

The stand was designed to reflect their existing Jack Daniel’s Number 7 Whiskey stand which had used charred wood and barrels to emphasize the whiskey making process. This combined with crisp apple cider creates the final product. Apple crates complete with branded apples were displayed at each end of the bar. Visitors to the stand were also able to chill out on beanbags and play a little foosball. In case of rain, a retractable awning covered the bar.

  • Client: Brown Forman, Jack Daniel’s
  • Tasks: Design, Manufacture, Trade Stand